Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kwik Sew 3567

While working on another pair of Amazing Fit pants, this time in denim, I had a craving for a cosy top. So I whipped off a variation of KS 3567. While I was at it I also made a teeny tiny version out of an OOP Jalie pattern for my stepdaughter who is very tall and slim for her age. I think we'll both enjoy these tops camping this summer.

Dobby the wonderlab, who loves camping as long as there is no mosquitos, seems to agree! (or it could be just that she agrees with any activity in the kitchen, where the above pic was taken)

I've made this twice, and the lengthiest part of the process is the initial pattern tracing. I made a large, below is a version in powerdry as part of long-johns for skiing, although there is no reason why it can't be worn as a long-sleeve t shirt. I just wish it had some lycra in the fabric, alas nice technical fabric is hard to find or expensive! The leggings are from another KS pattern.

The above version is a cheap mystery poly light weight poly fleece in a grid pattern. It's a nice soft rose - for some reason it looks very bright in the photo above, but it's not in real life. I lengthened the back and side panels, and blended them in to the front for a cycling-style back to keep cosy when cycling or paddling. I also lengthened the sleeves another inch or so. Did I mention I'm 6ft tall?

One of my other passions is cooking and baking. I make my own bread, generally using the recipies from "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day". Here is a sample of a loaf, with pizza rolls lingering in the background. I'll put a link to their blog on this one, they are very generous with publishing recipies on their blog, but the cookbook is definitely worth it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Already!

I can't believe it's March already! January and February were busy with family, work and a ski-trip to Mte. St. Anne in Quebec. Luckily I have had a bit of time to do some sewing in the last couple of weeks. Today I made fleece tops from a Kwik Sew & Jalie pattern for me and my stepdaughter, who is a skinny four years old. They flew together from a light gridded fleece and will be great for camping. I made extra long sleeves and a back extension (like a cycling top) to keep our backs warm, it will be a great paddling top!

Anyway, I made pair of much needed pants from Simplicity 27oo, an Amazing Fit pattern. I made the Curvy size (the pattern comes with slim, average & curvy patterns) in a 16. Other than lengthening it and taking in the thighs a tad for a more contemporary silhouette, above is the result of my wearable muslin. The front looks pretty good. The instructions are excellent with a full pocket with shield, full fly with fly facing and shield. The waistband is a bit high for my taste, I will lower it and lengthen the waistband accordingly for my next pair.
The back does need some alterations, besides the telltale crotch wrinkles and I noticed when I walk the back pulls down and the front pulls up. There is an excellent fix to this exact problem in Pattern Fitting, a Multi-method approach.
My next pair will be in stretch denim for a dressy trouser-style jean.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Featherweight Score!

Behold my beautiful baby! I've been searching Craigslist for a long time now looking for a Singer Featherweight for a resonable amount of money, and this week I found one!

For $70 Cdn, this is is a Centennial model 221 in perfect working order. The serial dated puts it around 1949, and it has the "Egyptian Scrollwork" on the front. The only slight flaw is the electrical cord casing is cracked near where it plugs into the machine, but DH can easily fix that.

It is complete with case and all original attachments with the exception of the ruffler foot & manual (which can be downloaded free)

Similar models - but not Centennials - and not all in working condition go for between $250-$350 on Craigslist here, more on e-bay.

Not that I'm parting with this soon!

Burda 10-2005-114 Cowl Neck Sweater

Here is my latest creation, the oft-reviewed Burda Cowl neck sweater. I searched on e-bay for over a year looking for this magazine just for this sweater to no avail. I finally resorted to grovelling on pattern review. Melissa B. took pity on my and we traded this for a copy of one of my patterns. Thanks!

I did change the sleeves, belling them at the bottom so I could turn up a casing for a drawstring bow. I lengthened them about 3" longer than a full length sleeve so there would be some fullness when they were done. I used a twin needle for all the hemming which worked beautifully on my newly tuned up Bernina!

The fabric has been in my stash a long time. I bought it on line and it is a wool-blend jersey with a large flower print in shades of gray. It's thin and drapey and worked well for this pattern, hemmed & pressed perfectly!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jalie 2679

Action shot: Volleyball!

Jalie 2679 is a great fleece jacket with lots of RTW detailing. It's my entry into the Patternreview Activewear contest. Jalie makes such great activewear patterns, they always look so professional! My topstitching is not up to great snuff on this one. My Bernina has gone into the shop to correct the cams which are gapping or something, adjusting the timing & for a much needed tune up (bonus, local dealer's tuneup is $69!)

This is made from some really nice printed fleece that has a water resistant treatment. I didn't buy it when it appeared at Fabricland, because it was a bit stiff, but I guess that's because of the treatment. Must be a manufacturer's end. When I realized the luck of the find, it had moved to the clearance table and I got about 3M for $15. The pocket lining, zips and reflective piping were the most expensive part of this jacket!!

I had trouble lining up the second side of zipper with the match points (collar seam & piping) on the first side (of course I didn't baste it first, duh) so I just picked out the stitching near those area, marked where they needed to match on the zipper tape & lined them up. Worked perfectly!

Here is the action shot "Biking!" where you can see the back of the jacket - I inserted reflective piping in the shoulder seamlines, the front seams and between the sleeve ends & cuffs.

Action Shot - Camping!

Here is an inside shot of the pocket lining. One great feature of this pattern is the large pocket. My other fleece jacket patterns have just a small pocket at the front. DH is jealous.

I split the left sleeve into 3 so I could insert a little strap for my MP3 player. Below you can see the pattern adjustment:

Below is the back on the dressform:

And the finished front -- Admire It now !!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Riviera Annisette Top Variation

Here is the newest version of the Hotpatterns Riviera Annisette Top in a lovely soft Navy jersey with rayon and lycra or perhaps modal and lycra that was part of the manufacturers ends from Pink Tartan sold by Fabricland.
I omitted the bottom band and slightly scooped out the front neckline more. Oh, and I didn't sew the back panel backwards like the striped version (not that anyone could tell!)

2009 Resolutions - how'd I do?

Time to take stock of my 2009 sewing plans - here are my resolutions and results from last year:
1. Sew with a plan whenever possible. Kinda sorta followed this. I think this is a work in progress that gets interrupted by life & the fact I can't sew an entire wardrobe in one season!
2. Add some trend to my wardrobe. I did sew a few trendy tops. I think this is also accomplished by accessories & jewellery, which I did buy more of this year, particularly necklaces & belts.
3. Sew a coat. I haven't had a nice winter coat in ages. I think this will be my first project for 2009. Done! I have also purchased more boiled wool for another coat.
4. Use my Burda Magazines more. Not so successful!!
5. Exercise more. We eat pretty well (both my husband and I love to cook) but I definitely need to compensate for the delicious food and wine we enjoy. OK on the excercising, could still add some more. Would like to drop 10 lbs or so this year!

2010 Resolutions:

1. Buy less fabric. I have a TON of fabric. Oh, wait I already bought some this year. And I need some supplex for pants. Can we start in February???
2. Use my Burda Magazines more.
3. Drop 10 lbs.

Maybe I can achieve only 3 if I am very very good!