Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kwik Sew 3567

While working on another pair of Amazing Fit pants, this time in denim, I had a craving for a cosy top. So I whipped off a variation of KS 3567. While I was at it I also made a teeny tiny version out of an OOP Jalie pattern for my stepdaughter who is very tall and slim for her age. I think we'll both enjoy these tops camping this summer.

Dobby the wonderlab, who loves camping as long as there is no mosquitos, seems to agree! (or it could be just that she agrees with any activity in the kitchen, where the above pic was taken)

I've made this twice, and the lengthiest part of the process is the initial pattern tracing. I made a large, below is a version in powerdry as part of long-johns for skiing, although there is no reason why it can't be worn as a long-sleeve t shirt. I just wish it had some lycra in the fabric, alas nice technical fabric is hard to find or expensive! The leggings are from another KS pattern.

The above version is a cheap mystery poly light weight poly fleece in a grid pattern. It's a nice soft rose - for some reason it looks very bright in the photo above, but it's not in real life. I lengthened the back and side panels, and blended them in to the front for a cycling-style back to keep cosy when cycling or paddling. I also lengthened the sleeves another inch or so. Did I mention I'm 6ft tall?

One of my other passions is cooking and baking. I make my own bread, generally using the recipies from "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day". Here is a sample of a loaf, with pizza rolls lingering in the background. I'll put a link to their blog on this one, they are very generous with publishing recipies on their blog, but the cookbook is definitely worth it!

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